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Eevly offers a better way to organise and share all products from fashion hauls.

Fashion try-on videos are very popular online, however, it's very difficult for fans to keep track of all products featured by different influencers across different videos. Eevly makes it easy for fans to explore and shop their favourite influencer's virtual closet.

We have an exciting partnership opportunity available for various brands and content creators to transform their viewer experience from simple viewing to interactive, shopping entertainment. That disruption in viewing behavior will not only improve the viewing experience, but also exponentially increase viewer linkage to the merchant's online store and in turn increase the show’s sponsorship value. All while helping fans wishlist and buy products.


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Eevly lets you keep track of all products reviewed by influencers on the platform. Create a wishlist of your favourite items and enable notifications to get alerts when the products are back in stock or on sale.

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